Duterte orders demolition of Punta Dumalag fish pens

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the immediate demolition of fish cages in Punta Dumalag for their threat to public health and danger to marine environment.

The operation of the fish pens is also illegal, said Duterte.

Two years ago, the Department of Science and Technology (DoST) conducted water testing and found high ecoli content in Punta Dumalag. The contamination was blamed on the fish pens which dump daily tons of chemically-laced fish food into Punta Dumalag.

The fish pens have deleterious effect on environment and put public health at risk, said Duterte.

Fishermen in Punta Dumalag also complained of smaller catch with fish fleeing to deeper seas to avoid pollution caused by chemicals dumped in the fish cages.

I will ask the Bureau of Fishery and Aquatic Resources and the Maritime Police to demolish the structures, said Duterte in the October 5 edition of his Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on ABS/CBN.

Duterte said the fish pens are operating illegally being subject of standing closure orders issued by former Mayor Sara Duterte.

That order still stands, said Duterte adding he has not lifted the order.

Accordingly, the fish pens continued to operate without business permit even after then Mayor Sara Duterte issued the closure orders.

The fish pens also do not benefit local fishermen or Punta Dumalag fishermen.

     Duterte had earlier said the fish pens should be allowed for the economic benefit to residents, thinking they own the fish cages.

But in the ABS/CBN television program, Duterte said only a few benefit from the fish pen operation.

Reports earlier said all of the fish pen operators in Punta Dumalag are not from Davao City.


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