I once had a photographer named Mr. Pare Pareho Lang.

pareho langVery resourceful, he can be everywhere.

He shoots the NPA, covers disasters anywhere in the world, was in Comval right in the eye of super storm Pablo as the demon ravaged Davao Region.

The click of his camera comes seconds after a Davao Death Squad gunman punches a hole through the head of a suspected drug pusher; he’s like a leech that sticks with— and separately shoots  — Digong, Inday Sara and Pulong anytime, anywhere.

He can be a ‘transformer,’ an unseen  shooter, and more: he can be in two places, nay hundreds of places, at the same time!

While Rene Lumawag clicks Digong at City Hall or Pulong at the SP, Mr. Lang would also be there – and on the same second, minute and day – also at SM shooting a convention scene!

  Beat that!

  And I don’t pay the guy!

  And who is this Mr. Lang?

  Mr. Lang is a ghost in my brain, lives at the tip of my fingers, calls home my keyword and monitor; his world is called www.

  He is the only fotog who can shoot without a camera! Yes he is a cyber thief!

Yes he can be everywhere, but not physically, but is everywhere in the internet, to steal — while sitting on his computer – online pics of Rene, King Rodriguez, Keith bacongco or Bing Gonzales and the rest of the Davao City top-notch maniniyots!

He was a thief who violates every inch of proprietary rights. And got away with it.

He is a thick-faced heister who calls his own every pic in the internet that takes his fancy. But as all crimes go, sooner or later, justice catches up with the demon. And Mr. Lang and his thievery would be unmasked.

I tried to kick the guy in the ass after confronting him about his massive thievery, of stealing and not giving credit to where credit is due every time he hijacks a photo, and he denied he is a theft.

“Akoa na sir, oooy! Pare-pareho lang na, boss,  oooy!” he said defending himself.

Did I believe him? I don’t know or I know.

I called him Mr. Pare Pareho Lang after I kicked him out of my brain.

Can Rene, Bing & Keith sue this Mr. Pare Pareho Lang for cyber theft?

Can one sue a ‘ghost photographer’?

Anyways, I oredi dismissed the guy.

This fool took me on a ride for years while he was working with durianburgdavao and The Durian Post.

I have disowned him and begged forgiveness from the victims of this grand cyber thief.

Mr. Pare Pareho Lang is out of my system.

This is the reason why. today, the rightful authors of every pic stolen, errrr, borrowed, published in durianburgdavao and The Durian Post, are given credit, under our self-imposed rule on propriety rights. Oh, how I miss Mr. Pare Pareho lang!

If this rule is violated, we will gladly correct the omission and will promptly provide the credit to every pic stolen, errr borrowed — upon demand by the maniniyots.

And where is Mr. Pare Pareho Lang now ? He is writing this piece, tonto!


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