“Druglords drowned in Davao Gulf”

digongBistek gets morbid lesson from Digong

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has offered a morbid advice to Quezon City Mayor Herbert ‘Bistek’ Bautista, who slapped a Chinese national intercepted by police in a buy-bust operation with P15 million worth of shabu.

In the Aug. 8 incident, Bautista rushed to the scene of the drug bust and slapped Xu Zhen, who had 10 kilos of shabu in his car, after the Chinaman showed ‘disrespect’ to the mayor by refusing to answer questions.

 Video clips of the slapping incident made yjr rounds online, gaining praise from netizens for the actor-turned politician.

   But Mayor Duterte, who is well known for his iron-fist anti-drugs campaign,  was not impressed by Bautista’s act.

That was not enough. Bautista should have kicked the Chinese, he said.

Duterte hinted Bautista also needs a lesson on how drug lords should be treated.

In Davao City, I load them on a motorboat and throw them into the Davao Gulf for the hungry fishes to feast on, Duterte said.

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