Bello ordinance to save stray dogs from ending up as ‘pulutan’


Rumors in Davao City are widespread that stray dogs impounded by the City Veterinarian Office (CVO) end up in several directions: killed in a gas chamber of the City Pound, secretly sold to dog-eaters or to a crocodile farm in Maa by corrupt City Pound dog-catchers.

downloadA proposed Davao City ordinance authored by city councilor Karlo Bello is kind to the canines which are destined to die in the gas chamber three days after they are caught without owners claiming them.

If the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has an adoption scheme for abandoned children, Bello’s Adopt-a-Dog (DAD) ordinance would find new homes for the askals (asong kalye).

The Bello ordinance has rules somewhat similar to DSWD’s adoption program: the adopters will be strictly screened for qualification.

crocWhile the DSWD ensures that the adopted children will not fall into a wrong family, the Bello ordinance assured that the adopted dog would not end up being maltreated or being slaughtered by the adopter for pulutan during a drinking binge with dog-eating friends.

Under his proposed ordinance, Bello wants the unclaimed dogs qualified for adoption be spared the gas chamber and given out for permanent or temporary adoption three days after they are caught by the City Pound.

Under the ordinance already passed on Second Reading by the Davao City Council, the CVO is given the task of determining if a dog is apt for adoption and the screening of the adopter.

There is no mention of punishment for the adopters if the dogs end up in the belly of Dabawenyo dog-eaters.

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