Pulong warns business vs. ‘dummy’ CCTVs

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said some business establishments install dummy Close Circuit Television (CCTV)  cameras just for show to comply with the ordinance mandating them to install the video monitoring equipment.

     Duterte said he was tipped about the anomaly by police investigating robberies in establishments – supposedly equipped with CCTVs – which cannot produce footage of the crime.

There are establishments that install  dummy CCTVs to comply with the ordinance, he said.

     The Davao CCTV Ordinance, a brainchild of Duterte, requires business establishments with capital of at least P3 million to have the CCTVs. It slaps penalty of P5,000 or revocation of business license.

Compliance to the ordinance, given flesh as a local law by its author councilor Victorio Adincula Jr., Is among requirements for issuance of business permit.

Advincula, along with councilor Edgar Ibuyan, are working on amendments that would give the ordinance more teeth, said Davao City Council floor leader Tomas Monteverde.

Duterte said he has requested the City Engineers Office to inspect CCTVs in the business estAblishments to determine if what they have installed are real.

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