rodrigo duterte

P6T monthly pay for Davao City village peacekeepers

Barangay Tanods to be trained and armed

One these days, criminals will have to think about doing their acts in Davao City villages. They will under tight watch by barangay tanods (village peacekeepers) who are trained, armed and….dangeours!

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte plans to hire barangay tanods with monthly pay of P6.000 to help maintain peace and order in the barangays.

      More than 900 village peacekeepers would be hired at five tanods per barangay.

Duterte said the tanods would be trained on police work and peacekeeping and would probably be issued firearms.

We have to give them more police power. It’s written in our book that whoever assists the mayor in the peace and order maintenance will also become the agent of a person with authority. I will give them the authority, Duterte said.

Presently, the city’s 182 barangays enlists 20 barangay tanods (mandated by the New Local Government Code) who are paid monthly honoraria based on the barangay’s finances. On average, they get monthly stipends of P1,000 a month for helping keep the peace.




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