Press statement

19 April 2014

Gov. Bautista’s discernible backing for Joyce is a continuance of his self-conservancy


Davao del Sur governor Claude Bautista’s uttered defense of Jose Abad Santos Mayor James “Jimmy” Joyce on the April 13 disarming of the

latter’s private armed group come unsurprising.  It is a manner among cliques.

Gov. Bautista asserted in a media interview that the New People’s Army disarmed a group of civilian security forces, contending further that the attack is but another apparent atrocity against the civilians.

The group punished by the Red fighters of the Alex Ababa Command – Front 71 on April 13 is, without doubt, a band of armed mercenaries working for Joyce and not mere civilian volunteers.  They were employed for the mayor’s protection and instrument of his repressive rule, as well as agents of his criminal activities and illegal operations. 

Such object is a legitimate target of the NPA’s tactical offensives, and is ought to be punished for their depravity to the people.

Gov. Bautista’s discernible backing for Joyce is a continuance of his self-conservancy.  As Gov. Bautista’s trusted collaborator in Davao Occidental, Joyce is an adherent of his governor-boss’s terroristic ploys and an abettor of his vicious schemes.

A boss’s dissoluteness is always his cohort’s deeds.  While Gov. Bautista is trying to cover-up Joyce’s band of private army, he is also keeping for himself a company-strong private armed group in Malita alone. 

This makes Gov. Bautista the most powerful warlord in the provinces of Davao del Sur and Davao Occidental, and Jimmy Joyce is only one of his trusted subordinates.

It can be recalled that on July 5, 2010, the NPA disarmed Berto Carabona, Gov. Bautista’s henchman in Brgy. Little Baguio, Malita, Davao del Sur.  The Red fighters confiscated an M203 grenade launcher and a .30 caliber Garand rifle from his possession.

The existence and spread of warlordism is ambiguously continuing to fulfill some politicians’ greed at the expense of the impoverished people.  Their domination only aggravates oppression and repression, pushing further the resistance of aggrieved masses.  The revolutionary movement is one with the oppressed in realizing genuine justice and in punishing grave offenders. 

The NPA will continue to carry out tactical offensives that will ceaselessly weaken and smash-up the warlords’ rule and the oppressive state in entirety.


Ka Efren Aksasato



Far South Mindanao Region (NDF-FSMR)

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