Compostela Valley mining firm unfazed by protesting militants

minerMilitant groups in the Davao Region vowed to continue to oppose the operation of the King-King Copper Gold Project, a mining firm set for commercial production by 2017, even as a top official of the company said he is not at all bothered by the protest-rally staged by militant members in front of the Pryce Tower in Davao City where the firm where is holding office.

“KCGP is committed to continuing the constant dialogues with the Pantukan community and welcome every opportunity for engagement with the small scale miners, the local government, tribal elders, civic and business leaders, and all those who share our genuine concern for the welfare of Pantukan and its residents.

We believe that the results speak for themselves in the number of endorsements and strong support the project has been receiving from the community, for which we are very grateful,” Clyde Gillespie, KCGP country director, said in a statement.

Gillespie expressed belief that the proper forum for discussion is in the community with Pantukan residents, and “in this regard we have been conducting extensive public consultations in and around Pantukan in order to get the thoughts and opinions of those who will be affected by the proposed operation of KCGP in the area.”

He said that as for the small-scale miners who may be affected by KCGP’s operations, “we will be providing opportunities for skills training, livelihood, employment, and even business partnerships so that they too may benefit from this billion dollar project just as much as the Pantukan community and the country.” (PNA)ta;king heads

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