The EcoWaste Coalition urged consumers to check their pantries for certain Korean instant noodles that might be containing a cancer-causing substance called benzopyrene. These instant noodles have been recalled by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) recently. 

The ramen manufacturer, Nongshim, was ordered by health authorities to recall six of its instant noodle brands as small amounts of a cancer-causing substance have been detected in them, according to a Saturday report on the Korea Times news website.

Five Nongshim instant noodle products are being recalled in the Philippines for they contained benzopyrene, a cancer-causing agent. These products are Nongshim’s Mild Neoguri, Spicy Neoguri, Neoguri Cup Noodles (large and small), Saewootang Cup Noodles (large) and Seng Seng Udong, which are being sold in the Philippines.

Reports said the ramen was made with katsuobushi, or smoke-dried bonito, which contains benzopyrene, which has been designated a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Benzopyrene is normally found in cigarettes, and smoked or baked foods. 

In an ABS-CBN News report, the EcoWaste Coalition expressed hope that Korean shops will voluntarily remove these instant noodles, but some shops continue to have them on their shelves.


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