The road to Tiniwisan

No more a dream

By Maria Luisa Dianah Z. Generalao

Ever since I was small, it is only now that we experience a concreted road. This was the proud and emotional declaration of Brgy. Capt. Demetrio Tabelon during the Tiniwisan Road Concreting Turn-over Ceremony, Sept. 10, 2012.
Mayor Ferdinand M. Amante, Jr. funded the 5.10-km road project worth P13 million started on April 16, 2012 and completed on August 17.
Mayor Amante led the inaugural walk with the barangay officials and constituents down the newly-concreted road, as teachers, elementary and high school students, and the townspeople excitedly joined along. The media witnessed the overwhelming reaction from the people of Brgy. Tiniwisan.
We have hoped for so long for our road to be concreted because it’s very hard especially during the rainy season, said a senior citizen.
Mayor Amante was presented a Certificate of Recognition from the barangay council.
On the same occasion, Mayor Amante also made known that Brgy. Tiniwisan placed top 3 among the cleanest barangays in the city, in connection with the LGU’s Clean Ground Zero Waste Program.
While it is true that the people of Brgy. Tiniwisan have waited for so long, the realization of finally experiencing what was once just a dream is now without a doubt happening. (CMO/PIO)

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