It is heartening to know that government officials and business in Bukidnon are thanking the Durian Post, your favorite paper, for its role in the over-all efforts to inform citizens about the good —and the bad— news in this part of the universe.
We are thankful to FIBECO, one of the country’s biggest and most successful electric cooperatives, for acknowledging the fact that Durian Post continues to be the bridge between the coop and its consumers.
We also thank Governor Alex Calingasan, Vice Governor Jose Maria Zubiri and the mayors for their accommodation to provide information for Durian Post to send out to constituents.
Truth is, this special mention of Bukidnon is important for us. The Durian Post first provincial edition was established in Bukidnon. Of course, Durian Post Bukidnon now has brothers in several areas in this part of Mindanao. We are expanding—vigorously–and we now have independently published Durian Post editions in Butuan City, Davao del Norte, General Santos City and Cotabato City. Coming up are editions in the provinces of Cotabato, South Cotabato and the Caraga Region. Cheers!
Wide circulation is a boon to Durian Post editors—and readers. They now have at a flip of a finger news all over Central and Southern Mindanao including the ARMM Region. The column, Durian Beat, is also flying high which you will find out in this piece.
BUKIDNON. Politics here in 2013 would be dull. Gov. Alex Calingasan would be sliding down a step lower paving the way for Vice Gov. Zubiri to return to his old post in 2013. There are going to be more dull moments: Both are running on the same ticket. Who would stand up against the formidable tandem?
There is a simmering front in Bukidnon, however, with banana and pineapple plantations under threat by municipalities to stop expansion of plantations. The ban is still on a maoratorium stage with municipalities passing ordinances stopping the expansions. But we hear reports the moratorium is developing with domino effects, with plans to impose a total ban on the expansion province-wide. Not yet discussed in public is how the moratorium or ban would impact on Bukidnon’s economy. The multinational DOLE, the biggest pineapple planter in the province, and the independent growers are silent on the issue. Remember pineapple, banana and sugarcane are the biggest contributor to Bukidnon’s coffers. Speaking of sugarcane, it is good to note that the Department of Labor has embarked on a campaign to rid the sugarcane farms of child labor. Along with logging, sugarcane farms employ the most number of child labor.
BUTUAN CITY. After hosting the highly successful Mindanao Business Conference (MinBizCon), Butuan City is buckling down to business to lure more investors. It is the first LGU in this part of Mindanao to pass a PPP ordinance (that’s Public-Private-Partnership) that would allow the LGU to well, partner, with the private sector in undertaking big projects. But there is a monkey in the back in neighboring provinces under the Caraga Region, which Butuan City could not merely dismiss being the capital of Caraga. In the Surigao provinces, child labor, as in Bukidnon, is rampant in the logging industry. The damage to the children is serious—they stop school to pull logs—legal and illegal—with carabaos from the mountains to the pick-up points in the lowlands. It is good that, as in Bukidnon, the DoLe is coming in to save the logging child laborers, known as Mga Batang Kalabaw, from perdition and along with DepED are luring them back to school.
GENSAN CITY. The Tuna Capital of the Philippines is undergoing a rehab of sort after the ban on fishing tuna in a portion of the Pacific by a world fishery authority.Tuna fishing companies in General Santos City, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, are set to resume  operation next month in areas within the Pacific Ocean that were closed for two years by an international fishery organization due to concerns over the rapidly declining tuna stocks.
Joaquin Lu, president of the Socsksargen Federation of Fishing and Allied Industries, Inc. (SFFAII), said 36 tuna catcher vessels will set sail on Sept. 25 to the reopened Pocket I of the Pacific Ocean, a strategic migratory path of tuna and tuna-like species. Balik-ganda ang GenSan nito!
COTABATO CITY. It is getting hot here with reports of a fight in the mayoral race in 2013 between Mayor Guiani and vice mayor Sema. Lately, scud missiles with political propaganda warheads were fired at the direction of VM Sema. The smear drive was dirty—Sema was accused of rape, kidnapping and rebellion.  The propagandists were slick, internet-savvy operators—-firing the scuds through anonymous postings in websites that were deleted as soon as they  served their purpose.No names of the phantom propagandists. Well, this should be better than real bullets flying. Dirty posts you can parry away. Real bullets you cannot. But both Guiani and Sema are noble men. We see, despite a projected hot contest, temperance in the coming Guiani-Sema mayoral fight.

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