ARMM ompanies expanding

     SIX COMPANIES currently operating in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) have received the green light to expand, according to information the Board of Investments (BoI) gave reporters on Friday last week.
      The firms are Minirico Lumber Co., Inc.; Weena Express, Inc.; Alip River Development Export Corp.; Agumil Philippines, Inc.; Matling Industrial and Commercial Corp.; and Philippine Trade Center, Inc.
    Minirico Lumber deals in trading wood products while Weena Express is a bus company. Alip River Development owns a banana plantation in Maguindanao while Agumil Philippines exports palm oil to China. Matling Industrial is a food manufacturer which has an office in Pasig City, while Philippine Trade Center exports corn products.
    There are currently 19 firms registered with the ARMM’s Regional BoI.
    The BoI said the value of exports from ARMM totaled some P329 million as of June, while dometic sales in the region reached P167 million in those six months.
    The national government is helping the ARMM draft a local investment incentive code to both spur local business and lure  investors.

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