Child Alert Mindanao

NGO inspires children to attend school, gives bags

Davao City- Child Alert Mindanao, Inc., an NGO advocating children’s welfare distributed bags and school supplies simultaneously last July 28 and 29, 2012. According to the executive director Mr. Bernardo Mondragon, the activity intends to encourage children to religiously attend school.

“We conducted the bag distribution activity because children, in impoverished areas like urban poor communities, needs encouragement to continue going to school despite their difficult socio-economic condition. Coaxing them to attend school is one way of steering them away from anti-social activities that are rampant in the communities they come from,” Mr. Mondragon said.

The recipients of bags and school supplies were children coming from five Davao City barangays where Child Alert circulates, namely Talomo, Dumoy, Toril Proper, Crossing Bayabas, and Daliao. A total of 150 children who have been actively participating in their community activities were selected to receive bags and school supplies from Child Alert and their international partners, Philippine International Aid (PIA) and CIFA-Italy.

The Child Alert Mindanao organizes children and their parents, as well as barangay officials in selected Davao City and Davao del Norte barangays. It assists the said community stakeholders in developing their own mechanism for child protection.

“Because of their young age and innocence, children are most vulnerable to abuses and rights violations. That is why they should be in the priority list of our government. However, the programs and services for children have yet to materialize in the communities of Mindanao,” Mr. Mondragon added.

Just recently, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) released report that as of last year, there are 5.492 million children working with ages ranging from 5 to 7 years old. 54.5 percent or 2.993 million out of this figure are involved in hazardous labour, not to mention the children victimized by trafficking and others forms of abuses. There are also around 55 million out of school youth in our country today.

“This sad plight of our children must serve as wake-up call to all concerned citizens and institutions. The government must prioritize children’s welfare now and make concrete plans that would address the children’s concern. Our organization is here to offer our unwavering support and assistance in protecting the children”. Mr. Mondragon said.

For reference:
Bernardo Mondragon
Executive Director
Child Alert Mindanao, Inc.

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