IN DAVAO CITY: The dead, living are crying for more cemeteries, memorial parks


Existing cemeteries in the Toril and the Dumoy areas are groaning with overpopulation that there is urgent need to build more cemeteries and memorial parks to cope up with the dead.
The dead are crying for more cemeteries, Davao City councilor Dr. Bernie Al-ag told the Durian Post in jest late Tuesday afternoon as city councilors tackled at plenary the application of two proposed memorial parks to be built in Baliok, Dumoy.


Al-ag, chair of the committee on health, authored the proposal that recommended approval of the memorial parks that would sit atop the city’s aquifer. Dabawenyos depend for their potable on the Dumoy aquifer and the potential risk to the aquifer has become a crucial point of discussion in the application of the memorial parks.
Al-ag in a privilege speech on Tuesday slammed unidentified critics of the memorial parks who sent him text messages that faulted him for his committee’s recommendation to approve the applications.


Councilor denies, reacts to texts against him

Irked councilor curses during privilege speech

He dared the text senders to give a face to the scurrilous messages by coming to him in person to complain.
“Show me your balls!” the usually mild-mannered Al-ag dared.
During a break in session, Al-ag told the Durian Post that while his committee recommended approval, it is the city council as a whole that would decide on the fate of the memorial park proposals.
But he said that local and national government agencies that joined committee hearings on the proposals interposed no objections prompting his committee to recommend approval.
Even if there is only one objection from any of the agencies, I would have recommended disapproval or subject the proposal to more studies, he said.
But Al-ag also stressed the urgent need for more cemeteries or memorial parks to serve the dead in the Toril and Dumoy areas and surrounding barangays.
Toril alone has a population of about 300,000 while Dumoy and surrounding barangays have about 200,000, said Al-ag. With almost all existing cemeteries groaning with overpopulation, the dead are finding it hard where to rest in peace.
The living also supports memorial parks, said Al-ag.
Al-ag said many of his constituents are behind him in the memorial parks brouhaha.
Many don’t want to be buried in public cemeteries and they want to rest in peace in style in memorial parks, Al-ag also joked.

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