We heard that publicist Ed Malay, the discredited public relations man behind the rigged surveys that had ex-Speaker Prospero Nograles winning a lopsided battle over then Vice Mayor Sara Duterte in the mayoral race in the 2010 elections in Davao City, has resurfaced with 2013 elections but a year away, to peddle anew his incredible surveys.
Malay was the publicist cum propagandist of Nograles in that election. His pre-poll surveys were the laughing stock of the Dabawenyos for incredulity.

malay-pic (1)

Imagine Malay saying Nogie would grab 70 to 90 percent of the votes against Sara.

His surveys also had then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte being clobbered in the vice mayoral race by Nogie’s running mate Ben de Guzman.

The results of the elections had  Sara mauling Nogie with a 220,000 vote margin and Rody Duterte winning by more than 300,000 votes.

Which should place Malay where he rightfully belongs–the gang of swindlers masquweading as expert pollsters and propagandists  who  surface every election year to peddle their sham surveys to gullible politicians.


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We thought Malay has retired from his inanity but we read he was on Tonying Taberna’s Punto por Punto on ABS/CBN a few days ago announcing the result of his survey that it is not majority of Filipinos who wanted ex-President Gloria Arroyo locked up for various crimes to the people.
Malay could be going bigtime with his sham surveys and found a big fish to bite his surveys in GMA.
In his recent survey that wanted to establish how much the Filipinos loved or hated GMA, Malay said that about 43 percent or less than half of the Filipinos agreed with the Aquino administration on charging GMA.
Malay said that 56 percent of the 600 respondents polled by his Issues and Advocacy Center also called The Center (of Sham Surveys) said they agreed with the decision of the Aquino Government to formally charge Arroyo.
But he said  there is a large number of around 43 percent who said otherwise in contrast to claims by the Aquino administration and other survey firms that majority of the Filipinos wanted GMA charged for the various anomalies committed during her term.
Now this is trademark Malay nincompoopism.
According to him, his survey showed a growing number of Filipinos preferring that GMA be released from detention at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC); and that about 41 percent wanted GMA to stay at the VMMC while 59 percent prefer to have her under house arrest.
Insanity has levels like nincompoopism that reaches the maximum.
Malay could have reached his when he said that his survey also showed that 61 percent of the respondents agreed to allow Arroyo to post bail while only 39 percent is against it.
We had written several pieces about the Manila-based Malay in the 2010 elections because he was deeply involved in local politics, particularly in the conduct of  queer surveys that Dabawenyos widely discredited being outlandish and unbelievable.
Friends then had admonished me against being harsh on Malay over fears he would disappear from the scene and deprive the Dabawenyos with the jokes that Malay dishes in out in his surveys. At one time, Malay threatened us with libel. His boss Nogie filed four counts of libel against us.
We then pitied Nogie for having hired this PR man masquerading as an expert on pre-poll surveys. He could not have known about the standing of Malay in the media community, in the public relations circle and the political scene.
He claims his outfit The Center is the third most credible survey firm in the country after the Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia.
He came to Davao City bragging about his credential as the PR man of former President Fidel Ramos, which was quickly denied by FVR’s camp in Pangasinan.
Politicians there supporting then LP presidential bet Sen. Noynoy Aquino sent us a press release, apparently in reaction to our series of articles on Malay’s foolishness in Davao City,  that FVR a long time ago had already dropped Malay who was also warned that he should no longer trumpet around that he is still the spokesman and media handler of the former president.
The Pangasinan politicians said they were happy that Malay’s surveys had NP Manny Villar winning, which means that with Malay’s tract record of failure in predicting results of presidential elections, his survey results mean the reverse with Noynoy winning.
Which is what happened,
Out of pity, we then had advised  the Nograles camp to also drop Malay.
But Nogie had to stick to this joker because he apparently cannot find a decent pollster to do a rigged survey for him, a monkey job that only Malay could do.
If birds of the same feather fly together, fools also stick like leeches together.
Would you believe the results of a survey conducted through phone calls by Malay with Nogie winning by a wide margin against an opponent known as Sara Carpio and not Sara Duterte? Nogie believed that! Nincompoop!
We were supposed to be kind to Malay after his disastrous handling of Nogie. But No.
In the 2010 elections in Davao City, he tried to fool the Dabawenyos with his fake surveys.
Clearly, he has now come to the defense of the beleaguered GMA as shown in his latest survey.
Now he is trying to fool with his rigged surveys not only the Dabawenyos but also the entire Filipino people.     This is treason by foolishness and nincompoopism  and punishable with a stint in a (mental?) institution.

laugh-pa-more-3-gifBantay kang Malay ka!

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