Phantom philanthropist donates to Davao City center for children with cancer

Who is Jun Bacolod?

Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday thanked a phantom philanhropist who plunked in a donation of P100,000 to a special unit for children with cancer at the Southern Philippines Medical Center.

Duterte is helping raise funds for the KIDS OF HOPE, a project of the Davao Children’s Cancer Fund, Inc.  which has gathered several young cancer patients since its establishment last year.
I do not know you but thank you, he said in the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on ABS/CBN.
The faceless Good Samaritan who carries the name Jun Bacolod appears to be a Filipino Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) in the Middle East, said Duterte. ROGER M. BALANZA


Gallery | Kids Of Hope

Duterte wants to keep help for cancer kids private | Sun.Star



Davao Children’s Cancer Fund Inc

Southern Philippines Medical Center

Bajada, Davao City, Philippines

Telefax: (+63)(82)305-9390


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