Datu Pax Mangudadatu to be recognized by international interfaith peace body

   Former Sultan Kudarat Governor Pax Mangudadatu would be recognized by a a world peace body for his role in bringing peace in Mindanao.
The recognition comes as Mangudadatu takes another step at achieving peace in the conflcit-ridden Philippine southern island as  chair of the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival to be held March 31, 2012 in Isulan town. The Philippine government is set to resume peace talks with the MILF in Malaysia.

     Mindanao’s peace and order situation is volatile with the Moro group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in waging a secessionist war that aims to build a Moro homeland in Muslim-dominated parts of the island.

The Festival is the capping event for the International Leadership Conference 2012-Mindanao, held from March 29 to 30, at the Waterfront Insular Hotel in Davao City.
The international conference themed ” The Role of Intefaith Harmony and Good Governance in Peace and Development” was organized by the US-based Universal Peace Federatation (UPF).
UPF is a global network of Ambassadors of Peace aiming to bring spritual principles to the task of resolving conflicts.
UPF organizes world-wide international leadership conferences, symposia and peace councils aiming for opportunities for high-level consultations ro build support for the culture of peace.
A non-government organization, UPF, based in New York, is a special consultant to the Economic and Social Councils (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. It has 150 chapters worldwide.
Apart from the recognition of Mangudadatu as a Peace Ambassador, another highlight of the Interfaith Blessing Festival in Sultan Kudarat would the launch of UPF chapters in Mindanao.
“The pursuit of intercontinental peace
entails the participation of the community of nations. This gathering of multifarious faiths and culture signifies our readiness to be galvanized by our diversity….that strengthens our resolve to build an atmosphere of compasion, equity and amnesty, said President Benigno Aquino in his message to the Davao City interfaith conference.
UPF International president Dr. Thomas G. Walsh keynoted the conference with Mangudadatu giving the opening remarks among with Dr. Chung Sik Yong.
Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte welcomed the large number of foreign and local delegates.
May this conference be an opportunity for you to contribute to the attainment of peace in Mindanao, said the mayor in her message to the organizers and delegates.

One thought on “Datu Pax Mangudadatu to be recognized by international interfaith peace body

  1. It takes a big man with a big heart and a broad vision to be able to come up with such a mammoth task of bringing people together for peace. I believe there must be a process of education, awareness and continual dialogue and community projects to create better understanding, mutual respect centering on universal principles.
    Good job and God Bless Philippines.


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