Ekran Berhad Samal Casino to reopen

BIG CATCH. A fisherman shows off a giant lapu-lapu (grouper) caught off Igacos City famous for its rich marine resources and diving sites. Another big catch for the island resort city in Davao del Norte is the planned reopening of the mothballed 250-hectare Malaysian-financed Ekran Berhad Resort complex. PHOTO BY KEITH BACONGCO


Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) Mayor Aniano Antalan said the casino in the  Ekran Berhad complex  is set to open this year.

The complex of resort and hotels opened in 1997 but shot down three years later after hit by the Asian economic crisis of that period.

ekran 2

Ekran Berhad was the Malaysian investors’ response to the much-hyped Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines/East Asean Growth Area (BIMP/EAGA), a project of then President Fidel Ramos that aimed to perk up trade and investment exchanges between the member countries.

Launched in 1992 in Davao City, BIMP/EAGA was projected to position the Asean Region as a major player in world economy.

Antalan bared the reopening of the 250-hectare complex in Kaputian municipality during the launch of the Visit Samal project held recently at Paradise Resort.

He said Ekran Berhad’s reopening would further boost Icagos as a premier tourist destination.


2 thoughts on “Ekran Berhad Samal Casino to reopen”

  1. Glad to hear about this development. I was one of the engineer who constructed this building. More power and God bless!


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