Karlo has big chance to beat Rody, Sara in 2013 – THE DURIAN POST NO. 100



Davao City First District Congressman Karlo Nograles stands a good chance of beating Mayor Sara Duterte or Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in an electoral contest, if results of a local popularity survey is to be taken as barometer for victory.
Congressman Nograles, son of former Speaker Prospero Nograles, gained votes equal to that of the Dutertes in the survey conducted by the Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO) of the Research and Publication Center of the University of Mindanao (UM).
The survey gave the Dutertes and Nograles similar acceptance ratings of 99.4 %.
Former Speaker Nograles reportedly is prepping up Karlo for the mayoral post, after his third failed attempt in the 2010 elections to grab the top post in the battle against Mayor Duterte.
Mayor Duterte however has yet to reveal her final plans leading to speculations that Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would stage a comeback to the post he held for 18 years before her daughter became mayor.
Karlo’s high ratings comes as a bouyant factor to the sagging political image of the Nograleses, following the former Speaker’s miserable defeat in the mayoral battle with Mayor Duterte in 2010.
The elder Nograles earlier had lost in the mayoral races in 1992 against Rodrigo Duterte and to Duterte ally Benjamin de Guzman in the 1998 elections.
While Karlo stood in equal footing with the Dutertes in the IPO’s popularity survey, he was several percentiles in the trust rating survey behind the Duterte’s 98.8 percent. Karlo netted only 91.3 %.


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