Beware fans of Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who would kneel and wail before his coffin after he dies.
I will get out of my coffin and kick you! said Duterte.
When I die, forget about me, do not talk about me. You kneel and cry at my wake and I will kick you, said Duterte, days after his mother Soledad “Nanay Soling” Duterte died.
I need no praises, no adulation, he said.
You want to show how you adore me, do it during my lifetime so I can feel it. Do not do it when I die, Duterte told local media.
Nanay Soling died early morning of February 4, 2012 at a ripe age of 96. She was cremated late afternoon of the same day, giving no time for many of the Duterte clan to see her for the last time.
Nanay Soling, a major influence during her lifetime, wished before she died that her body be cremated immediately and her ashes scattered in Marilog district.
She was deeply involved in the promotion of the indigenous people in the far-flung upland district and spent much time and effort on agricultural training programs to uplift the life of the lumads.
The wife of the late Governor Vicente Duterte of the then undivided Davao Province, Nanay Soling was a strong political influence on Vice Mayor Duterte, the city’s mayor for 20 years, and now Mayor Sara Duterte, her granddaughter.
Duterte said he wants to go in the manner of Nanay Soling—without fanfare.

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