BANANA REPUBLIC: Durian Post column


Has the gubernatorial battle in Davao del Norte started?


Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy, said to be looking ahead for a confrontation with Governor Rodolfo del Rosario in 2013, is all over the province with his chair-giving spree to public schools.

What is Mayor Uy, whose political radar is confined in his city, doing in Talaingod  municipality? Distributing free chairs and desks to public schools manufactured out of hot logs confiscated by DENR. For what? . No politics? Nope. Corporate Social Responsibility of his beloved City of Tagum for pupils of Davao del Norte who had to squat on floors in classrooms during classes for lack of chairs. Hohum. Nice alibi.    But Mayor Uy has also been to New Corella and other municipalities under Gob Dolfo’s domain. Don’t you smell a rat? Is Mayor Uy prepping up for the grand encounter in 2013 with his visibility and philanthropic stunt?  Could be or could not be, depending on where you sit.
Gob Dolfo is on that fence where people believe that Mayor Uy is motivated by no other than his city’s CSR. Hohum again.
Noel Baguio, DavNor’s prolific writer at Gob Dolfo’s provincial information office is another non-believer in Mayor Uy’s stunt as a political move.
Gob Dolfo, Noel writes, thinks that Mayor Uy is simply doing it for goodness sake and not for politics.
Gob Dolfo, according to Noel, in fact has joined Mayor Uy in one of the chair-giving sprees. Which earned a joke from fans and handlers of Mayor Uy that Gob Dolfo wants a free ride on the project that has been giving the Tagum City mayor tremendous popularity, media mileage and goodwill from pupils, parents, teachers and others who matter during election—all over DavNor.
Of course,Gob Dolfo has his own WHEELS to drive around to catch the votes, pwera flat tire, but the innovative Uy chair-giving spree is a novel idea thar easily catches fire and fans.
Gob Dolfo is strong in DavNor’s south district, but shares influence with the Floirendos. Of course we hear about the famous del Rosario-Floirendo split that could factor in when Gob Dolfo seeks reelection. His hold over the south may turn out as a slippery pantat with the split pushing the Florendos to the other side of the political contest.
That Mayor Uy is strong in the northern district is a given. We see a split vote if the RDR-Uy clash happens in 2013. But the equation could change if Uy, who has proclaimed that his political umbilical cord is tied to Tonyboy Floirendo, is adopted by the Floirendos.
I see a sinister premonition if Gob Dolfo does not watch Mayor Uy, his politics and his chairs.
Those chairs, given the popularity of the project that has been giving the mayor wide publicity, could cost Gob Dolfo his chair at the governor’s office after the 2013 elections.



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