The meaning of real CSR—–DAVAO CITY: A city with a humane heart



CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility.
CSR means a company sharing part of its income in the form of supports to education, health and other social concerns to their host communities.
Propagated by the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), organized by the country’s top corporations many years ago, CSR has now become a necessary adjunct in most corporations, that not only added to healthy community relations but also built up strong partnerships between companies and their host communities in the mission to uplift the situations of the less privileged.
CSR provided a “human soul” to the otherwise bland image of a corporate entity, a soul that cares for human beings denied the fortunes in life. CSR is a link between big brother coming to the succor of a small brother in distress.

Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has said that investors in the city should join the CSR bandwagon by helping resolve dislocation of informal settlers who shall be evicted from land where their businesses are to be located.
The Davao City government is a corporate being whose CSR is already embdded in its services to the people.
Informal settlers and relocating them to decent resettlements is the most gargantuan of the social concerns that the local government must tackle by the horn.
The enormity of the concern boils down to one basic solution: funding.
Many business here are put on hold due to illegal occupants on their proposed factory or plant site or subdivision projects.
Relocating the informal settlers takes a heavy toll on local finances—even as the local government has resettlement areas for displaced urban poor.
Davao City has an active Urban Land Reform Program that provides relocation sites for displaced informal settlers .
But as said, the enormity of the concern boils down to one basic solution: funding.
New investors should take a cue from this pronouncement of Duterte: that Davao City as a preferred area for investments should not be all about money.
That Davao City has a caring soul–which new investments should also have –for the less privileged, the poor and the helpless and the homeless. And a  humane  heart called CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility.RMB


PUBLISHED IN THE DURIAN POST NO.82, Oct 24–Oct. 30, 2011

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