3 thoughts on “D’ LEONOR HOTEL & INLAND RESORT – Davao City

  1. It seems to me that D’Leonor’s Subdivision shenanigans – failure to obtain a Locational Clearance and Development Permit before beginning their subdivision is a direct insult to the Rule of Law, The Sangguniang Panlungsod and the People of Davao.

    I believe they ought to be heavily fined and the executives and owners sent to jail for as long as the law allows. What do they think they are?

    “Apologized” What a laugh. That’s like apologizing to the widow of someone you intentionally killed and then expecting not to go to jail. What an insult to the community!

    Had it been up to me, I would not have approved the place after-the-fact and I would have posted guards that it could never open for at least the length of time that it would have taken to apply and be granted the DP plus the time of construction.

    There will never be discipline in the community until the enforced punishment exceeds the benefit of cheating. We enforce noise ordinances with much more vigor than we do subdivision permits.

    I am also wondering why the city councilors representing the district allowed the construction to continue? If they live in their district, wouldn’t they have noticed”
    Why were guards not posted to stop it?

    Why did district city inspectors not notice?

    Why Davao City Water District and Davao Light and Power allowed connections to be made without a Development Permit?

    When we built our home, we had to have a building permit for all such connections.
    How could a big subdivision get by without the same thing?.

    Well, maybe there was a good reason. I just don’t know or haven’t heard.


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