Madame Iring: SHAMCEY SUPSUP’s Tsunami Walk – From ‘tsunami walk’ to ‘GenSan walk’—Madame Iring predicts




With the popularity of General Santos City on a downswing what with the tuna industry—that placed the city in the world map—facing a storm, the city of Mayor Darlene Antonino needs a new brand-name to stay on the spot as one of Southern Philippines’ popular tourist destinations.

From being the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, it could retain its popularity as home of Chamsey Supsup, 3rd in the Miss Universe pageant but THE Miss Universe 2011 to many who believe she deserved the crown more than the who-is-she? winner.

This if the GenSan city government declares the city as the Miss Universe Tsunami Walk Capital of the World.
The ‘tsunami walk’ of Chamsey was a big factor in her winning 3rd and has become a buzzword worldwide even after the euphoria of her victory is dying down.
Chamsey and her ‘Tsunami walk’ continue to reverberate around the world and should be good material for GenSan City to capitalize on as a catchword to help sell the city to the international tourism market. For name recall, the subtag ‘GenSan walk’ could be hitched up to ‘tsunami walk’ to complete the link to Darlene’s city.
As Marc Logan of ABS/CBN TV Patrol reports it: “Hindi lang sa pagsungkit ng third runner up sa Miss Universe nakilala si Shamcey Supsup, kapansin-pansin din ang istilo ng kanyang pagrampa. Binansagan itong “tsunami walk” dahil sa mala-alon nitong pag-kembot.” VIEW: Marc Logan reports: Shamcey’s ‘tsunami walk‘ | ABS-CBN News

I predict, rather suggest to force the issue, that a member of the GenSan City Council would soon propose a resolution declaring General Santos City as the World Capital of the Miss Universe Tsunami Walk.

We predict also, rather suggest to force the issue, that the city council also pass a resolution requiring all GenSan residents—young or old, male or female led by their darling, lovely Mayor Darlene—to walk the ‘tsunami walk’—night and day—in honor of Chamsey for the fame she brought to the city and as a tourism tool to attract foreign tourists. HOW TO DO THE TSUNAMI WALK? VIEW: Shamcey Supsup’s TSUNAMI WALK – YouTube
I can only imagine thousands of the foreign tourists coming down to GenSan to visit a city where evrybody–young and old, male and female, day and night— walks the ‘tsunami walk.” !!!!

After the fading GenSan Tuna Festival what about a GenSan Tsunami Walk Festival?





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