Large paintings in Davao City art museum

Dr. Joel Mendez with Davao-based artists in Museo Dabawenyo exhibit

Dr. Joel Mendez collaborates with Davao based and member artists of Black Jack Group Jay Bermudez, Rey Bollozos, Reynard Borillo, Jhong Tangiday to create large scale paintings. Each artist started working on few pieces, before trading the paintings and adding their own elements and the result is a large painting created by a group of individuals that nevertheless looks like it was executed by a single artist.

The show is on view until October 6 and will officially open on September 25, 6:00pm at Museo Dabawenyo located at Cor. A. Pichon (popularly known as the Magallanes Avenue) and C.M. Recto Sts., Davao City just by the rotunda. The exhibit is organized by Mendez Big and Small Art Co. and curated by the no less than the artist and Doctor to the stars, Dr. Joel Mendez.

ART PIECES at Museo Dabawenyo

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