davao death squad

Pulong Duterte asked to deploy DDS in Elenita Heights


They are vicious. Have killer instincts. And attack without provocation.
And residents of a middle-class subdivision in Davao City are helpless–they avoid deadly routes to avert an encounter with the devils or  run for their lives when the demons chase them.
One of the residents has a bright idea to stop the tormentors. She asked Davao City councilor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte, also the barangay captain of Catalunan Grande, which includes Elenita Heights, her subdivision, to come to the aid of the helpless residents.
Without actually saying it, Mrs. Sandra Arenares, wants Pulong to bring to Elenita Heights the DDS or the Dog Death Squad–a distant cousin of the deadly, shadowy  Davao Death Squad which specializes in killing human victims—to eliminate the vicious dogs.
The canine-killing DDS is said to be behind mass poisoning of stray dogs years ago in several subdivisions here.
Mrs. Arenares brought her and her neighbors’ plight to Pulong, in a recent comment she posted in the blog durianburgdavao (http://durianburgdavao.com), the On-line version of the Durian Post.
Confident that Pulong would respond to help her, Mrs. Arenares writes:

The performance of Paolo Duterte is stunning and so respected. His concern for his people is great.
In relation to this, may i ask for his attention to please help us here in Elenita Heights subdivision regarding strange, astray

PAOLO DUTERTE: Free rice to the urban poor

dogs roaming our subdivision who chase and bite early morning joggers.
I was also attacked by one of them and was saved from harm by someone who helped me drive away the dog.
I am afraid this could also happen to young boys and girls who could be attacked by vicious dogs.
I hope councilor Pulong would give us his attention.
Thank you very much and more power.


PUBLISHED IN THE DURIAN POST NO.78, September 19-25, 2011

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