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Let the Lord take care of them.

This is the forgiving response of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte as a new disbarment case was filed before the Supreme Court against her in connection with her punching of a court sheriff in July 1.

SARA PUNCH. Mayor Duterte delivering the punches to the face of court sheriff Andres

Duterte, a lawyer, however, is unfazed by the second case filed against her by the Sheriffs Confederation of the Philippines (Scophil) on Monday.

Lawyer Fernando Perito, based in Manila, earlier filed a disbarment case against the mayor over the punching incident.

Let the Lord take care of them, she told local daily SunStar-Davao.

She said she was more worried about the financial cost of hiring lawyers to defend her at the High Court, than losing her license as a lawyer.

Mayor Duterte punched Abe Andres several times to the face after the male court sheriff of the local branch of the Regional Trial Court refused to heed her plea to stay a court-ordered demolition of more than 200 urban poor shanties on a contested property in Agdao district in this city.

Scophil Monday filed the disbarment case with the Office of the Bar Confidant at the Supreme Court, for the punching incident it alleged violated canons and rules of the Code of Professional Responsibility. Scophil filed the case even as Andres, a member of the organization, is not filing any complaint against the mayor.

The second disbarment case is the fourth case that Duterte is facing in relation to the punching incident.

Mayor Duterte is now facing four charges in over the punching incident which was captured on video by local television news crews. The video footage was widely played up in international and national television news programs..

On top of the disbarment cases, Mayor Duterte is also facing two other charges: grave abuse of authority and direct assault also filed by Scophil before the Office of the Ombudsman.

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