Rody, Sara clash over cops in drugs

The lady is harsh.

The Punisher, known for his iron-fist policy on drug pushers and users, is kinder.

Mayor Sara Duterte and Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte took different directions in dealing with policemen linked to drugs, as six members of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) were found to use drugs in random tests jointly conducted by City Hall,  the local police, and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA). Two troopers from the special Army contingent Task Force Davao were also found positive with drugs during the tests.

Mayor Duterte said the policemen should be dismissed outright from service.

Vice Mayor Duterte tagged as The Punisher by an international magazine for his no-holds-barred anti-drug policy when he was the mayor, however, has developed a soft heart for the cops. He wants them sent to rehab.

But at the same time Vice Mayor Duterte, who has expressed deeper disdain against men in government like policemen and soldiers involved in drug use and dealing than against drug pushers and users, said offer of rehab may not work.

At the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on ABS/CBN on Sunday, the vice mayor said he had once offered four policemen a stay at the rehabilitation center, after their involvement in drug dealing was confirmed.

He said the policemen refused the offer and would later die from assassination. He did not elaborate.

Vice Mayor Duterte said he was sad that the policemen were into drugs in the recent random tests, but added dealing with them is out of his radar.

It is now the mayor’s call, he said, adding he would not intervene in however Mayor Duterte would deal with the errant cops, the mayor, not him as vice mayor, having supervisory control of the local police.

The vice mayor, then as mayor, had been  suspected as behind the deadly Davao Death Squad (DDS), the shadowy 45 cal.-bearing motorcycle-riding gunmen blamed by human rights groups for the summary execution of more than a thousand suspected drug pushers and criminals here.

Vice Mayor Duterte denied links to the gunmen during a probe by the Commission on Human Rights. ROGER M. BALANZA



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