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 With an axe to grind?

If the name Orlando Casimiro rings a bell, it is because the name figured very prominently during the months prior to the May 2010 election  up to the campaign period where his name was used widely by the propaganda machine of Team Nograles, the political vehicle that helped crash down former Speaker Prospero Nograles’ bid to capture City Hall.

Casimiro then was the deputy Ombudsman. He is now the acting Ombudsman.

As part of propaganda campaign against the Dutertes—former Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was running for vice mayor against Nograles running mate former mayor Ben de Guzman; Nogales against then vice mayor Sara Duterte in the mayoral derby—the Nograles camp bombed voters with a series of exposes on the alleged anomalies in the Duterte administration.


   The exposes—from the laughable to moronic—includes dismantling by city hall of a public park built over a main drain in Quezon Blvd., funded by Nograles, millions of pesos worth of unaccounted government properties many of them bought as early as 50 years ago—when Duterte the father was still wearing short pants and has not yet been circumcised–allegedly absconded by Duterte, the alleged misuse of P11 million SEF fund, rice for the poor bought at P45,000 per sack, etc., erc., etc.

      The charges gained a little credence from the Nograles camp boast that charges would be filed with the Ombudsman.

Being then the deputy Ombudsman, Casimiro’s name was widely used by the Nograles camp, further adding credence to the black propaganda. We could not know if Casimiro played willing tool to the smear campaign of the Nograles camp. What we know is that we heard nothing from him while Team Nograles abused his name to lend a level of credibility to the black propaganda.

One of the cases however had Casimiro’s direct hand: the dismantling of the Nograles Park that led to the suspension of several city hall officials. If we heard it right, Duerte saw what he called as “ineptness and incompetence” on the part of Casimiro: he made the recommendation for suspension and at the time approved the order to suspend. Fishy.

We know how Duterte’s mouth boils when angry, and as words fly fast and high, some of them could have reached the ears of Casimiro.

Recently however, Duterte made a public announcement about his distaste for Casimiro while President Aquino was mulling over a shortlist of cndidates that would replace Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, who resigned to avoid being impeached by Congress.  On television,Duterte said he would lobby with Aquino not to appoint Casimiro. Alack and alas, lucky Casimiro got appointed as acting Ombudsman.

Is there a standing political alliance between Casimiro and Nograles? Is Casimiro pushing to the wall Mayor Sara Duterte who is now facing disbarment and administrative charges for punching court sheriff Abe Andres? Is Casimiro hot about sending the mayor to jail?

If the Interior department is not taking any action, the Ombudsman appears to be more interested to do it.

The Office of the Ombudsman is bent on taking over the grave misconduct case filed against Mayor Duterte, according to reports.

The interior department was supposed to be the agency, having control over local officials, to investigate the mayor.

Apparently, DILG secretary Jesse Robredo had seen on television how Mayor Duterte delivered that now famous ‘Sara punch’ to the face of Andres and would not like finding himself in the same situation as the court sheriff.

Robredo, after sending a probe team to Davao City to investigate the incident to establish the mayor’s culpability, has nor recommended any sanction against the mayor.Which reportedly angered the Ombudsman.

Now the Ombudsman, according to reports, would be pursuing its own investigation of the cases of direct assault and grave misconduct against Mayor Duterte..

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