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Soledad “Nanay Soleng” Duterte: Inday doing a Pacquiao

Duterte matriarch Soledad ‘Nanay Soleng” Duterte punched her way into the Inday Sara-Abe Andres punching episode, but her punch was delivered with a cooling effect.

While Nanay Soleng, 88, defended her mayoral granddaughter for punching the court sheriff, she also defended Andres.

Nanay Soleng is the mother of Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, father of Mayor Sara “Inday” Duterte.

They were both doing their job, she said in an interview aired on ABS/CBN’s TV Patrol news program.

But Nanay Soleng, who is no stranger to politics being the wife of the late Governor of the then undivided Davao, Vicente Duterte, showed where her heart is when it comes to public welfare.

Between a directive and the people, the people should come first, she said.

Mayor Duterte last week punched Andres to the face several times after the court sheriff refused to follow her plea to stay a court-ordered demolition of more than 200 houses of the urban poor in Soliman St. in Agdao district.

In jest, Nanay Soleng expressed worry not at the violence with which Inday Sara used in dealing with Andres but on the implication of her punches.

  She is now competing with Manny Paquiao as the Pambansang Kamao, she said.

Her joke inspired this paper to conduct a phone survey last week, which asked 300 respondents who should be the next Pambansang Kamao.

Mayor Duterte took 250 votes against Pacquiao’s 50. ROGER M. BALANZA

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