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DUTERTE: Supreme Court spokesman afflicted with hoof-and-mouth disease

Like the other critics of Mayor Sara Duterte, Supreme Court administrator and spokesman Midas Marquez suffers from “hoof-and-mouth” disease and needs to go to a veterinarian to have his malady cured.


In the television program Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa on ABS/CBN on Sunday, Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, oozing with sarcasm,  described Marquez and the other critics of Mayor Duterte that include those from media, as “wise, knowledgeable smart-alecks”

But “they suffer from hoof-and-mouth disease and need a veterinarian, he said.

Mayor Duterte, her daughter, had earned a tsunami of criticism after she punched court sheriff Abe Andres who refused to heed her order to hold off a court-ordered demolition of more than 200 urban poor shanties in Agdao district on July 4.

Marquez, after the incident, said that the Supreme Court would be conducting its own investigation on the action of Mayor Duterte, who is a lawyer.

Marquez  fanned speculations something bad could have happened to Andres days after the incident when he said that the sheriff had went missing.

Vice Mayor Duterte had reacted strongly to Marquez, saying that he would assure that he would do his best to protect Andres from harm.

If he (Andres) dies, I will die with him, Duterte told media after the Marquez statement.

In the television program, vice mayor Duterte defended his daughter.

She is the mayor and Mother of the city who only wanted to protect her children, he said. The demolition of the Agdao shanties would have rendered homeless more than 200 families.

The vice mayor also defended himself for throwing a dirty finger at Mayor Duterte’s critics during a television program. See related story on this page


What would a father do when his daughter is subjected to libel, slander and calumny? he said.

He said his action would be shared by the critics, if somebody barges into their house to kick their children.

“If I go into your house and kick your children, what would you do? he said.

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