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Move over Mr. Manny Pacquiao. Your title as the Pambansang Kamao is being challenged by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Dabawenyos have declared their lady Mayor Sara as the New Pambansang Kamao,  following the  staccato of 1-2-3-4-5-6 rapid punches she delivered to the face of Davao City court sheriff Abe Andres, who refused to stay a court-ordered demolition of 200 shanties of urban poor squatters in Agdao district last week.

This developed as SUNSTAR DAVAO reported that amidst  criticisms that Davao City Mayor Duterte was getting from various agencies of the National Government, 157 barangay captains have rallied their support for the mayor.

The city has a total of 182 barangays.

Mayor Sara Duterte is popularly known in the city as Inday but Dabawenyos have started  calling her as the New Pambansang Kamao after the punching incident.

In behalf of the barangay captain, Margie Coral, captain of Barangay 28, said in a press briefing at the office of Councilor Paolo Duterte that all Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod barangay captains are ready to support the mayor all the way.

Hugpong is the local political group led by the Dutertes.

“It is a big risk that they are giving to all the Dabawenyos,” Coral said when asked what could be the repercussion if the mayor is ousted.

Coral said people outside the region do not have any right to condemn the mayor since they are not experiencing what the city is undergoing the past week.

“We are always at her side,” Coral said, adding that no matter what, their entire constituents will all support the mayor in her endeavors and programs.

Coral said she has not received any feedback from non-Hugpong barangay officials about their sentiment.

In Tuesday’s regular session of the Davao City Council, Councilor Tomas Monteverde IV stood up in support of the mayor in a privilege speech.

Monteverde, who grew up in Barangay Tomas Monteverde in Soliman, Agdao, said violence had already erupted when they arrived with the mayor last Friday.

No one can accuse the mayor of being short-tempered considering the heated situation in the demolition site, he added.

Councilors Pilar Braga, Conrado Baluran, and Jose Louie Villafuerte echoed the same sentiments in supporting Duterte during theirprivilege speeches.

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