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Rody defends Inday in sheriff’s mauling


Don’t be afraid.

Vice mayor Rodrigo Duterte advised his daughter Mayor Sara Duterte to take in stride threats of her disbarment as a lawyer and her possible suspension as mayor, in the aftermath of her punching a court sheriff leading the eviction of informal settlers in Agdao District last week.

According to the vice mayor, Duterte should be proud if she is dismissed as mayor or disbarred as a lawyer, because she did it for the people.

          Vice mayor Duterte also congratulated the mayor for not making an apology after repeatedly punching sheriff Aby Andres.

          At the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa  the television program on ABS-CBN on Sunday, vice mayor Duterte said City Hall would not miss a Duterte even if Mayor Duterte is removed from office.

          ‘I can run as mayor in the next election,” said the vice mayor.

           There should be no excuse for what she did, said the vice mayor.

          Her action should be viewed from the “eyes of the mayor,” he said.

          While the sheriff was implementing a legal order of the court, Mayor Duterte must do something to avert violence.

If Sara did nothing, what would have happened? Vice mayor Duterte said.

Even the sheriff and the policemen would have been in danger, said the vice mayor.

Sara as the mayor is the highest person in authority to ensure peace and order. If the sheriff was to proceed with the demolition he would have died in the ensuing violence, said vice mayor Duterte.

Who will answer if there is blood shed? The judge? The CHR? The police? The sheriff? The vice mayor asked.

At the end of the day, he said, it is the mayor who will be answerable.

He said a court order of demolition cannot be implemented by “hook or by crook.”

Can the judge help the situation when the problem becomes a problem of law and order? vice mayor Duterte asked.

The vice mayor said violence could have been avoided if there was prior consultation.

The solution would have been that the court was to inform the local government about the demolition, he said.

Vice mayor Duterte hurled a broadside at the Commission on Human Rights for saying Mayor Duterte could be charged for human rights violation for man handling Andres.

Vice mayor Duterte said the poor informal settlers always have their human rights violated every time their houses are demolished by court orders.

The CHR, he said, should not dwell on the punching issue, but should look at the violence being inflicted on the poor people through demolition.

The vice mayor said the police are under the direct supervision of the mayor. When the sheriff ordered police to assist in the demolition, the sheriff violated the mayor’s directive to stop the demolition.

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