Chiongkee Uy


Manny’s next fight is vs. ‘Carabao English’


MANNY: Wait for mae Carabao English after I demolish Mosley

Last week, according to, boxing champ Manny Pacquiao slammed grammar critics on Twitter.”Its doesn’t matter of the grammar as long they understand the message thanks,” said the boxing champ in his Twitter account.He added that Filipinos should be proud of the Filipino language. “Tyong lhat pinoy ang slita ntin ay tgalog we should use our language we’re nt american, jpan,chna,atbp. They’re using there own language… We should proud in our language that’s the real pinoy yan ang tama thank you God Bless everyone.”Pacquiao opened a Twitter account last month that he almost shut down a few weeks ago because of grammar critics, said the Yahoo.comnews citing a report on ABS-CBN News.

Some people may be uncomfortable with Manny’s grammar, but not the Comvalenos.

Last year, we reported that Pacquiao’s battle with English, in fact, has become a model in ComVal public schools, courtesy of Governor Arturo Uy. 

            Pacquiao’s English may be as mangled as his face after every world fight, but his doggedness to learn and speak the language is now being used as model in Compostela Valley public schools.

Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy said Pacquiao’s fight to tame English has become the centerpiece in his speeches before elementary and high school students as he takes by the horn the problem of English proficiency in his province.

            Uy has made it a habit to make regular rounds of public schools to speak about the value of good English as a vehicle to employment opportunities and a secure future.

            I am telling them that English can be learned if you are serious about it, said Uy of his classroom visits to the schools.

            Uy said he has picked Pacquiao as a model of how one can develop as an English speaker, even as the Filipino world champion still has a lot to learn.

            Before, his English when interviewed by the press after world fights would be limited to “Yes” and “Okay,” said Uy. Now, while his defeated Mexican opponents need interpreters, Pacquiao can face off the press with his ‘carabao English,’ Uy said.

            Uy said Pacquiao may still have some battles ahead with his English but his tenacity to learn the language is a model that should be emulated by students and pupils in his province.



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