philippine eagle

Adoptors needed for 11 eagles in Davao City eagle sanctuary

By Mae Gevera

            The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) is urging private companies to adopt the eleven remaining Philippine eagles still left without benefactors.

            PEF executive director Dennis Salvador said of the 35 eagles now under the protection of the foundation, 23 have already found benefactors who committed to sponsor the needs of the eagles in the next five years.

            An eagle needs an average of P150,000 annually for food and other requirements.


            The recent partnership inked was with Dow Chemical Pacific Ltd, distributor of technology-based products and solutions for electronics, water, energy etc. The company has adopted and sponsored a young female eagle officially known as “Mia” with a nickname “Sambisig”.

            “Sambisig” was hatched in 2002 and now on its almost breeding age ready to produce a second generation of eagles.

            “We are honored to have the opportunity to help preserve this national symbol. One of the company’s core values is planet protection,” said DOW Philippines country manager Bobby Batungbacal. PIA11

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