IN DAVAO CITY: Time to teach your dog some toilet manners

Local law on dog poop  has stiff fines with a bite as painful on the pocket as the bite on the leg by a German Shepherd


            Even dogs would not be exempted from the no-nos that the Davao City government inflicts on its denizens.


            After the anti-smoking ordinance and the firecrackers ban, here comes another that would blatantly violate the natural right of dogs to throw poop where ever it wants.


            A resolution was passed last week by the Davao City Council to enact the Dog Waste Ordinance curtailing dog rights to pee and poop, a warning to dog owners to teach their canine pets the route to the toilet. The local law has stiff fines with a bite as painful on the pocket as the bite on the leg from a German Shepherd. A fat P1,000 for each time the dog defecates to be slapped, not on the dog, silly you, but on the owner of the defecating canine.

            The Dog Waste Ordinance authored by Councilor Emmanuel Galicia Sr., prohibits dogs from defecating in any private or public properties like roads, parks and playgrounds.

            Dog owners though have an exit to avoid the fine.

            “Any person in actual or constructive possession of any dog found defecating upon another person’s property, commonly used properties or public properties shall be penalized unless the owner will cause the immediate removal of all feces so deposited by such dog,” said the Galicia ordinance. The sight and smell of the feces so deposited by the dog is offensive to the senses of most people. It is inequitable to require another to dispose of the feces, the Galicia proposed legislation said.

            Galicia’s proposal stems from a personal encounter with a dog poop: one morning he finds an ugly pile right in his property, an experience shared by his neighbors.


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