The bamboo rafts in Valencia’s past

VALENCIA City, Bukidnon – This city recently went back to its roots as Bukidnon’s hub of trade and commerce in the old days, with the first ever Fluvial Bamboo Raft Parade in Pulangui River organized by the Valencia Historical and Cultural Society (VHCS).

            Participated in by schools, barangays, business establishments, community associations and civic groups, the fluvial parade, part of the commemoration of the 50th Golden Jubilee Year of Valencia, celebrated Pulangui River’s role in the early days of Valencia, when bamboo rafts, locally known as gakit, were main transports in ferrying goods and people. VHCS said the event also sought to promote the importance of keeping the Pulangui River – including its banks and tributaries – clean, safe and sustainable.

            The trek back to the past also hopes to preserve among the people of Valencia the culture  and values of the original settlers, which helped shape Valencia into what it is today.

            VHCS president and chair Olive Mella Gamboa said Valencianos have a heart for history on the belief one cannot head forward without looking back at the past.

            VHCS, composed mostly of families of the old settlers, not only is documenting the city’s history but is also giving recognition to people who contributed to the growth of the city.

            Among them is Leontina “Nanay Tining” Parreño Laviña, who is behind such landmarks here as the Laviña General Hospital and Tamay Lang Arcade. She owned the first ferry boat in Pulangui River, playing a vital part in the economy as a transporter of goods, before the Pulangui Bridge was built. MEL N. VELEZ

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