BUSCO Sugar Milling Company

 Helping build communities in Bukidnon

                  By MEL N. VELEZ

           QUEZON, Bukidnon – Magtanum Og Tubo Para Mo Asenso. This catchphrase, coming no less from one of the country’s biggest sugar millers, is no joke.

           In this province, sugar planters are laughing their way to the bank.

           Take it from BUSCO Sugar Milling Co. Inc., whose persistent advice to farmers to plant sugarcane is transforming Bukidnon into a dynamic province.

           Price of sugar in the world market has zoomed up, translating to happily welcomed bonanza to local sugar cane growers.  


   BUSCO Vice-President and Resident Manager Democrito G. Oppus says the sugar industry is unique, unlike others where company earnings are siphoned out. Here, the money generated by the sugar industry is kept in Bukidnon, he says.

           With its corporate social commitment to play key role in the province’s economy, BUSCO finds its mission ‘’Build People, Build Communities’’ easy to achieve, with farmer’s income staying put as a multiplier.

   BUSCO today has the biggest rated milling and refining capacities among the 30 sugar millers in the country.

           Manned by highly skilled workers working 24 hours a day with state-of-the-art equipment, BUSCO’s environmentally safe operations produce raw and white sugar at 18,000 TCD tons cane/day mill. Seven percent are exported with 93 percent going to the local market.

             Planter Relation Office Art Belcena told Durian Post planters are having holidays this days, with high sugar prices triggered by low supply.

           As sugar demand grows, BUSCO is reaching out to more growers.

   ‘’We are now milling sugar from Cotabato and Wao, Lanao Del Sur,“ said Belcena.


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