Davao legislator in hot water for mauling incident

The Pantukan municipal council plans to conduct a probe on councilor James Ross Welborn, on his involvement in a mauling incident in Davao City that some members said “shamed Pantukan.”

Widely played up in radio and television reports, councilors said there is need to clear up the incident which Welborn had denied.

The damage has been done. We want to hear from the councilor, said a member of the council, who begged anomymity.

This developed as a physical injury charge is now being readied against Welborn, who reportedly figured in a mauling incident in Davao City last week.

Police sources in Davao City confirmed Jefferson Antonio Te, 25, of Claveria, Davao City and Cyrus Belleza Paghubasan, 22, of Jerome, Agdao, Davao City have secured police documents prior to filing the charge against Welborn.

Te and Paghubasan reported to the San Pedro Police being manhandled on the night of January 20 by Welborn, and traced their attacker’s identify through a wallet and driver’s license that Welborn dropped at the scene after the attack. They said Welborn fired a gun on the air before speeding away with a companion aboard silver-colored pick-up.

Welborn has denied he was in Davao City on the night of the incident in television reports, but the San Pedro Police said they are holding on to the wallet and driver’s license of Welborn which were endorsed to police by Te and Paghubasan. The issue of identity can be resolved simply with a face-to-face confrontation, said a police investigator who handled the complaint. We will come to this when the case is filed, he said.

PO1 Herministo Galupe, the duty officer who recorded the complaint jokingly told the Durian Post the precinct is waiting for Welborn to come to the station to retrieve his driver’s license, when asked for updates on the case.

In Pantukan, members of the municipal council cringed at the thought of a member being reported on television as involved in a mauling incident.

If this is true then we should be ashamed now of being called honorable, said a councilor, who begged anonymity, who admitted the media reports on the alleged Welborn mauling incident was a sad episode in the history of the Pantukan municipal council.

Mayor Tok Sarenas told media the media reports on Welborn mauling a civilian had caused him to worry about the image of Pantukan, but has supported Welborn’s claim that he was wrongly accused. I have talked to him and he denied he was involved, Sarenas told media.

In their complaint to police, Te and Paghubasan said they were walking along Torres street when a car stopped beside them and two men, one of them carrying a gun, alighted and mauled them without any provocation. They would find a wallet, apparently dropped by their attackers, after the incident with Welborn’s driver’s license on it.

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