A cry from Bianca, Carl



            The hours are ticking for Bianca Marie Porol and Carl Ilang.

            When the clock stops, they may have found their parents or may have to find new parents.

            The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Region XI has custody of Bianca and Carl and is sounding this last call for their parents to get the babies, cuddle them in their arms and then bring them back home.

            If they don’t appear we will put them up for adoption, said Carmela Cadigal-Duron of the DSWD news bureau.  

The non-appearance of parents or relatives impels DSWD to issue a certification that these two children are legally available for adoption based on Republic Act 9523, she said.

            According to Sheryl Dumalogdog, chief of the adoption section of the DSWD, like the 88 kids under DSWD’s care who are available for adoption and waiting for new moms and dads, Bianca and Carl could be waiting soon for new parents if their biological parents would not show up.

            The adoption ward has 45 children voluntarily turned over to the agency and 43 abandoned by their parents, like Bianca and Carl.

            Dumalogdog said Bianca and Carl, like the rest of the children, can fit into new surroundings and new families who would have a place for them in their heart and home.

            They need families, she said.

            We try to convince parents to take back their children. But when there are no more hopes to be reunited wither parents, the DSWD’s last hope is put them up for adoption. RMB

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