Duterte son unfazed by ex-Speaker Nograles’ antics

Polong on Nograles

protest: I don’t care

Davao City councilor Paolo Duterte is not giving a hoot to the electoral protest of former Speaker Prospero Nograles and has a three-word reaction to the Comelec recount of votes in the May elections: Who cares?

Defeated Team Nograles mayoral bet Nograles and his running mate Benjamin de Guzman had questioned results of automated polling in local elections, where he was beaten by Mayor Sara Duterte with a vote margin of 228,000 votes and de Guzman trounced by Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in a lopsided battled with a 300,000 margin.

At the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on ABS/CBN two Sundays ago, Paolo, brother of Mayor Sara Duterte, squirmed himself out of a question by co-host broadcaster Leo Villareal about his reaction to the Nograles protest.

“I don’t care,” he said in a terse reply forcing Villareal to jump off to other topics.

Earlier, Comelec had ordered ballot boxes sent to Manila for the recount.

But bad luck continues to hound Nograles after his dismal performance in the recent May polls where he lost in his third attempt to capture City Hall from the hands of the Dutertes.

First Congressman Karlo Nograles, son of the ex-Speaker and only one of three Team Nograles who survived the Duterte machinery Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod onslaught in the race for 29 elective posts at stake in the May polls, said Comelec has issued another order stopping the recount.

The congressman said Comelec ordered the ballot boxes stay in Davao City because it has to warehouse to stock the election paraphernalia.

But the naughty Hugpong sa Tawong media bureau said Nograles himself may have a hand in the holding of the ballot boxes in Davao City .

Our speculation is that Nograles wants the recount put on hold until after 2013 so that he would run again in the mayoral election during that year with the claim that Comelec has not validated Mayor Sara Duterte’s victory with a recount of the votes, it said in a statement.

In his protest filed with Comelec, Nograles said he lost because the Comelec voters’ list was peppered with zombies, flying voters and names of the dead.

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