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Mayor Inday Sara has thrown to the garbage the apology of those who have responsibility over a building construction inside Abreeza Mall in Bajada where a portion collapsed to kill a worker and wounding three others. She wants an explanation and a statement to take responsibility for the tragedy because the city government is failing charges.

President Noynoy Aquino should get a lesson from Inday Sara’s firm action.

In the aftermath of the tragic Quirino Grandstand episode where 8 Hong Kong tourists were killed by a deranged cop in a hostage-taking incident that ended in bloodshed after a 12-hour stand-off, Noynoy appears to be shielding members of his Cabinet blamed for mishandling the tragedy for failing to do what should have been done that could have avoided the hostage-taking to come to a bloody end.

In WWII, Japanese officers took responsibility for the defeat of the Japanese Imperial Army by committing hara-kiri—-cutting themselves with a samurai.

In some countries, officers behind collapse of their company kill themselves by jumping from windows.

In the Philippines , some of Noynoy’s Cabinet men, whose position carried a role in saving the lives of the Hongkongers, are members of a special committee formed to investigate the incident.

For bumbling the Quirino Grandstand hostage-taking, Noynoy’s men fingered for their role in the botched rescue attempt should not only resign—after taking responsibility.

They should join a tour group to Hongkong, where they should be boarded on a bus, taken hostage by a deranged Hong Kong cop who should kill them in the same fashion as dismissed cop Rolando Mendoza did to the Hong Kong tourists in the Quirino Gransstand tragedy.


The name of a politician who run for a top post but lost in the Davao elections in May has surfaced to be one of the engineers of the ousting of broadcast journalist Dodong Solis as manager of RMN-DXDC. The politician reportedly lobbied with the network’s Manila top officials to kick out Solis—who has more than 20 years experience as an uncompromising broadcaster when it comes to fighting for rights of media—for supporting the other side.

We would not be surprised. This is the same politician who have no qualms about slapping libel every member of the press he see as unfriendly.

The politician is not a friend of Durian Post.

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