Davao Gulf

Mutya ng Dabaw in Davao Gulf pact

                To increase public awareness on the need to protect and conserve Davao Gulf’s biodiversity, Mutya ng Dabaw 2010, the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the United States’ Agency for International Development’s Philippine Environmental Governance project or EcoGov have committed to launch joint conservation and promotion activities within the region.

                The three organizations signed a Statement of Cooperation to formalize the partnership, just in time for the celebration of Environment Day on Saturday last week.

                Promotion of good environmental governance is one of the main objectives of the partnership.

                “PDI-Mindanao, Mutya ng Dabaw 2010 and EcoGov2 recognize the growing threats to sustainable development and to biodiversity in the Davao Gulf region and its impact to the environment, health, tourism, agriculture, and in whole, the quality of life of Davaoeños, where essential needs such as food, energy, water supply, transport and other may be gravely affected,” the statement said.

                Mutya ng Dabaw 2010 Janelle Tee led the signing ceremony.

                Among the major projects that will be supported by the three organizations is the Mutya ng Dabaw 2010 Community project for Environmental Advocacies and Projects.

                USAID’s EcoGov will be sharing its technical expertise in environmental management and governance to Mutya ng Dabaw 2010 for the implementation of her environment-related community projects.

                As the first major activity under this partnership, a read along program will be held in the Island Garden City of Samal on June 26 to culminate the environment month.



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