3 Dutertes vs. 3 Nograleses in 2013

Fearless forecast

            If the world will not end by 2012 as the Incas predicted, year 2013 would be another exciting year for Dabawenyos.

            For the Nograleses, 2013 is an occasion to rise from the political debacle of 2010. Prospero Nograles may no longer think about running for the fourth time and realize his boyhood dream of becoming mayor of this city which has already spurned him thrice in past elections. But dreams never die. Political survival for the Nograleses which now hinges on the shoulders of Congressman Karlo Nograles may have already reached its breaking point after the miserable loss of Nograles in the hands of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte in the mayoral race.

NOGRALES: Bye-bye muna see you in 2013

            But you cannot stop pundits to speculate on what is store in 2013. You cannot also stop the Nograleses from dreaming about how to stop the Duterte’s stranglehold on city politics. Or how to have one of them sit as mayor in 2013, after three failed attempts.

            With the dust of the battle in the May 2010 elections barely settling down, political analysts are already predicting that Mayor-elect Sara Duterte would be facing a tough foe in her reelection in 2013 in lawyer Karlo Nograles. The young Nograles, son of Speaker Prospero Nograles, has emerged as the last man standing among candidates in the major races of the Team Nograles after votes were counted for the May 10 polls, winning against councilor Mabel Acosta in the First District race for Congress.

            Nograles, although trounced with a vote margin of more than 200,000 votes in a lopsided fight with Mayor Sara Duterte, himself may not be listed out. While he lost miserably to Mayor Sara Duterte, his political armament rests on Karlo, who survived a near-sweep by the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Karlo in 2013 is still a vague haze as a political figure. He joins Congress as a neophyte congressman without the influence of his Speaker father.

            Outgoing Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, father of the newly-minted mayor, is not also going to fade out and would remain a political giant in the next polls.

            This early, political observers predict a scenario of a full Duterte-Duterte vs. Nograles-Nograles grand battle: the young Congressman Karlo Nograles challenging Mayor Sara Duterte; Prospero Nograles running in the First District congressional race against Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

            To make the 2013 elections more exciting, the grand battle could be a triple-header between the Dutertes and the Nograleses with councilor Paolo Duterte taking a crack at the vice mayorship against another Nograles: Jerico, Congressman Karlo Nograles’ brother or former city counciolor Gerry Nograles, the Speaker’s brother.

            Mayor Rodrigo Duterte may have proven anew his political dominance in the 2010 elections, but he has to contend with one undying force: Nograles’ dream of one becoming mayor.

            But even masochists have saturation levels: when the pain becomes constant, the pain becomes no longer enjoyable. By 2013 with his dream of capturing City Hall seen as another futile attempt, the political masochist in Nograles—beaten thrice in the mayoral races—could field Karlo to challenge Sara. He could run for Congress to replace Karlo.

            The Nograleses ended the 2010 elections gasping for breath with only Karlo surviving.

            2013 could be their only last chance to change the city’s political landscape.

            But with Sara proving her worth in 2010, Karlo still uncertain of his political future and Nograles disowned by his party and making enemies with anything that moves, the dream to capture City Hall may just have to end as an unfulfilled dream.


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