2010 elections

Malay and his rigged Nograles surveys



                The Manila-based public relations practitioner widely criticized by Dabawenyos for his surveys that showed Team Nograles led by Speaker Prospero Nograles winning over Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod led by Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte does not care if the Speaker loses in the May elections.

In an unsolicited text message to the Durian Post and the newsblog Durianburgdavao (https://durianburgdavao.wordpress.com), Ed Malay of the Issues and Advocacy Center also known as The Center said : Eh, ano kung funny? Wala akong pakialam kung matalo si Nograles at manalo ang mga Dutertes. Kasalanan yan ng mga taga-Davao dahil bumoto sila ng mga bulok.

Malay was reacting to the Durian Post and Durianburgdavao news stories describing results of the Malay surveys as “the funniest press releases” that landed in the local papers in relation to the coming May elections.

Collated results of all surveys here show Inday Sara beating Nograles 8-2 in the mayoral run, with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte nailing down opponent 9-1 against Benjamin de Guzman in the vice mayoral race.

The Malay surveys, along with a UPMin mock poll attended by scholars of Nograles’ Oplan Kaalam, has been positioned here by Nograles as reflective of public voting tendency.

The Malay surveys—done by phone—however has been found out to be brazenly rigged, with Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte identified as Sara D. Carpio in the mayoral race against Speaker Nograles.

We are reprinting as previous column in the Durian beat about our experience with the Malay pollsters to further elaborate on the fact that the surveys with Speaker Nograles winning is nothing but a work of a racketeer with the purpose of fooling the Dabawenyos.

                                                WHO IS SARA D. CARPIO?

Who is Sara D?

Do you know why Speaker Prospero Nograles is winning hands down against Vice Mayor Sara Duterte in the survey of the Manila-based The Issues and Transparency Center of Ed Malay?

It is because there is no Sasa Duterte running in the mayoral race in Ed Malay’s racket.

I had a strange encounter with Malay’s outfit—also called The Center—recently. The phone rang and a sweet voice of a lady asked me if I wanted to join a survey for the coming elections.

Before I could say yes, she introduced herself as from The Issues and Transparency Center then fired off with the first question that run something like this:

In the coming local elections, sir, which issues do you think would matter most to voters: corruption, Davao death squad, bad governance or human rights violations?

I answered: Davao Death Squad.

With corruption being a strong issue today, will people base their choice of candidates on the issue of corruption in the coming elections?

I said: Yes.

From what district are you sir?

Second District.

If the elections are held now, who would you vote for Congressman, sir: Ilagan-Bian, Joji; Mahipus, Diosdado; Dayanghirang, Danilo or Garcia, Mylen?


If the elections are held now, who would you vote for Vice Mayor, sir: De Guzman, Benjamin or Duterte, Rodrigo?

De Guzman.

If the elections are held now, who would you vote for City Mayor, sir: Nograles, Prospero; or Carpio, Sara D?

I said Nograles.

Then she fired off questions eliciting my choice for candidates for Senators, Vice President and President, which I noted had names of the administration party Lakas/Kampi/CMD read first, as it had in the previous questions.

Before hanging up the phone, she thanked me for the accommodation and asked if I wanted to be identified.

And so I told her:

My name, madam, is Roger M. Balanza, editor of the Durian Post and if you read this paper, madam, you would know that I am no friend of Speaker Nograles so it would be useless for you to take seriously my answers to your questions crafted with a purpose to make Nograles win who is actually losing in serious surveys unlike in your Center of Deceit that stinks like your boss Ed Malay who thinks he could fool the Dabawenyos with his dirty tactics and who would one day be also declared by the Davao City councilors as persona non grata like that retired general Jovito Palparan of Bantay partylist and his buddy Jun Alcover of Anad who are trumpeting to the world  that Davao City is crawling with communists, because your boss, little miss, is of the same breed as his client Speaker Nograles who would have no qualms about fooling the Dabawenyos with fake surveys like this one being conducted by your stinking boss Ed Malay and the one at the UPMin where his son Karlo and his gang used an orientation seminar on poll automation for students as a mock poll to show Nograles winning against Sara when in fact all surveys here, including that at UM Bolton and Matina campuses and on Radyo Ukay which are owned by Nograles’ friend and buddy Willy Torres  all show Sara thrashing Nograles 80 against 20 with Nograles’ rating farther shrinking towards election day as its predicted by fate that votes that would be left to him with people getting disgusted with his fantastic but unrealizable election promises would only be those from his relatives and the family cats and dogs so I am telling you, miss, tell your Mr. Ed Malay to go to hell and do his surveys with the demons there$&^$%@?%*&@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linti, yawa!

But the chick was a smart girl. When I said Hello! Hello! Hello! on the phone after the verbal assault, there was no answer, the line was dead as the night. She was not listening and I could have wasted my saliva speaking without an audience.

Naisahan ko sa cutie pie ni Ed Malay!


Anyways, at least, you readers would now know the reason why Nograles was beating Sara in the Malay surveys. Up against Nograles in the survey was not Sara Duterte but a Sara D. Carpio.

But no tears. Whether Malay conducts surveys a thousand more times, the fact remains that serious surveys hereabout show her way, way, way, way ahead of the race. After all things are said and done, there would be many things, many stories that would  have entertained people and made them laugh in this elections. One of them is having Malay and his Center dish out a sick joke in the form of surveys that show Nograles winning against our very own Inday Sara.

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  1. During the run up to election I thought that I would visit The Center’s website as their numbers were so off local numbers. It took hours to locate the web address and when I typed in that URL and pressed enter my Anti-Virus application went berserk!


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