2010 elections

Is the Burlesk King video for sale?

Businessman offers hefty sum 

A businessman has offered to buy the Burlesk King video at a hefty sum in a bid to abort its release to the public.

Before somebody with an evil design gets hold of the damaging video, I am making a first offer to buy Burlesk King, said the businessman who asked that he not be identified.

He said he is neither a supporter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Vice Mayor Sara Duterte or Speaker Prospero Nograles, who in 2003 gained celebrity status of the romantic kind following media reports he had been caught by the husband of a paramour inside a room in a hotel in Manila. A video reportedly had him running naked in the hotel lobby.

Nograles had denied the incident and had filed libel charges against a Manila-based tabloid, who had apologized for publishing the story, and several radio broadcasters in Davao City who picked up the story, one of whom Bombo Radyo broadcaster Lex Adonis—he was sentenced to four years and half for jumping bail—served time before being pardoned.

But there are persistent talks there was such a video of the congressman running naked.

Earlier reports said the Burlesk King video would surface in the manner of the “Hello Garci” tapes which had President Arroyo on audio telling a Comelec officer to rig the the 2004 elections. An operative of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces (ISAF) who bugged the president’s phone provided the damaging tapes.

An agent of a police agency, where the husband of the congressman’s alleged paramour worked, was said to be in possession of the Burlesk King tape.

Nograles himself has dared Mayor Duterte to release the video after hearing from radiomen linked with the mayor that the damaging video would be released during the campaign period as a black propaganda against him. He had already offered P100,000 to tipsters who could pinpoint the printer of a Burlesk King handbills that circulated last week.

In reaction, Mayor Duterte said he and Hugpong would not resort to black propaganda as what the Nograles camp is doing.

The businessman, who believes in clean elections, said he would not like to see the local political situation further tainted with vulgarity following reports the video would come out as  Nograles claimed.

The businessman spoke to the Durian Post to explain his interest on the video.

He said the release of the video would be too brutal for Nograles and an added pain for him and his family as the Speaker is already losing in the surveys.

There is a saying that you don’t kick a dead dog. Nograles is politically dead after this election. We should spare him the agony of exiting the city’s political landscape with the video of him running naked serving as a background. This would be un-Christian, he said.

On the other hand, the businessman said Mayor Duterte has already said that he would not resort to black propaganda against Nograles.

Some people with evil designs, who could have an axe to grind against Nograles, may get hold of that video and then release it. The danger here is that the release could be blamed on the mayor, he said.

The businessman, who claims to have a few millions from various thriving businesses in the city, said he has money to burn to save Nograles from a full-blown Burlesk King scandal with the release of the video and also save Mayor Duterte from being blamed for the release.

I can spare a few millions to buy that Burlesk King video, he said in an apparent offer to anybody who is in possession of the damaging footage of a congressman running naked.

Asked by Durian Post what he would do to the video, the businessman said: I told you I have money to burn. I will burn Burlesk King video if I have it.

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