2010 elections

Funniest press release in the Davao City elections

Ben, Nogie to pull upset

over Sara, Rody


Published in the Mindanao Insider Daily


If there are funny videos, in the Davao City 2010 elections, there are funny press releases. This section would attempt to humor the Dabawenyo voters with unbelievably inane but entertaining opinions, features, press releases or photos to spice up their experiences in this election. Without risk to plagiarism, we shall credit the materials to the authors or the publication.  

Former Davao City Mayor Benjamin de Guzman appears poised to turn the tables over Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the vice mayoral race on May 10.


The possibility loomed after former Rep. Ruy Elias Lopez released this week a survey in District 3 showing De Guzman seizing the lead over Duterte.

For the mayoral post, House Speaker Prospero Nograles took a commanding 73-percent acceptance among the close to 30,000 respondents in District 3. His rival, Vice Mayor Sara Duterte, ended up with 27-percent.

The Lopez survey, which covered 27,142 respondents from 35 barangays in District 3, showed De Guzman taking as much as 69-percent of the votes in the area as against Duterte’s 31-percent. Conversely, De Guzman collected 27,142 votes versus the 8.429 votes for Duterte.

“The survey only shows that Duterte has lost District 3 because he has lost the Lopez family and many more,” Team Nograles spokesman Mario Tamayo said.  ”We also have to consider that the combined political following of Lopez and De Guzman in District 3 could overwhelm whatever clout Duterte used to have in the area.”

Tamayo also noted that allegations of massive corruption against the Duterte-Duterte administration have crept all over the city. “In District 3, people seemed to have realized how much they have been neglected for the past 22 years by Duterte,” the Team Nograles spokesman said.

Tamayo said that the “Change We Must” theme was evident in the Lopez survey.

For the congressional post, three-termer and undefeated Lopez is on a comeback trail, garnering 78-percent as against the measly 22-percent of incumbent Rep. Isidro Ungab.

Tamayo said Team Nograles were not surprised with the results of the new survey following the start of the local campaign.

“Each time that Mayor Duterte opens his foul mouth, he is bound to lose votes,” he said. “And when it’s the turn of Vice Mayor Duterte to open her mouth, you would know that she is indeed his father’s daughter.”

Poetic justice

“After all the ballots are cast then counted and De Guzman finally claims victory over Duterte, then that is poetic justice served,” Tamayo said.

The Team Nograles spokesman noted that De Guzman was a victim of “injustice” in the past elections when Duterte and his massive propaganda machinery projected the former mayor as corrupt.

“We remember the time when Duterte carried with him a huge tarpaulin with the image of the unfinished Artica Sports Dome of De Guzman marked as a monument of corruption,” Tamayo recalled. “Those allegations on the Artica Dome project, even inasmuch as they were baseless, took a heavy toll on De Guzman’s previous candidacies.”

“Ten years later, when all things have been said and done, people already know that the Artica Dome project is aboveboard and free from corruption,” Tamayo added. “De Guzman is even now armed with a clearance signed by no less than Duterte and all City Hall officials that certifies De Guzman has no accountability whatsoever after he served as Davao City’s administrator, vice mayor and mayor of a city which was dubbed during his time as one of Asia’s most livable cities.”

“In short, Duterte’s administration has no choice but certify that De Guzman is not corrupt,” Tamayo stressed.

In contrast, Tamayo continued, Duterte’s administration is reeling from charges of massive financial wrongdoing.  The Team Nograles spokesman particularly pointed at charges of plunder and massive corruption filed against Duterte and his other officials that included Councilor Ma. Belen Acosta.

“The people of Davao are bent to deliver justice where it should be served,” Tamayo said. “Judging on the trend of surveys, De Guzman will finally be given justice.”

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