BURLESK KING: The scandal that refuses to die

NOGIE: ‘Burlesk King’ video coming out soon      


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would be releasing during the campaign period a “video and/or photograph on the so-called issue of “Burlesk King,” according to Speaker Prospero Nograles himself.

The Burlesk King scandal involved a congressman reportedly caught naked in bed with a popular television personality nine years ago.

In a statement, Nograles said he knew as early as January from radio broadcasters identified with Duterte about the plan to release the Burlesk King video as a political propaganda.

 Nograles is gunning for the mayorship in May against Vice Mayor Sara Duterte, the daughter of Duterte who is running for vice mayor against Benjamin de Guzman.

“As early as January this year, radio broadcasters sympathetic to Hugpong Sa Tawong Lungsod have been repeatedly airing that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would come out during the electoral campaign with a video and/or photograph on the so-called issue of “Burlesk King,” he said in a March 29, 2010 statement as a handbill titled “Burlesk King” went into circulation here.

The Burlesk King issue, about a congressman and his paramour, a television personality, reportedly caught in bed en flagrante delecto by the woman’s husband, was headline material in newspapers and radio and television nine years ago.

Among media commentaries on the issue then said that the congressman was captured in video running naked in the lobby of a hotel in Manila.

As the Burlesk King issue became a national scandal, Nograles filed libel charges against a Manila-based tabloid which carried the story and several Davao City-based radio commentators who picked up the story from the paper.

“The Manila tabloid that first reported the issue had already apologized in public for the fabrication and for making a series of news report without basis. A broadcaster who picked up the series of derogatory news reports – but who initially refused to carry the retraction and apology of the tabloid that originated the false reporting – was convicted and jailed on charges of libel. He later made a written appeal for compassion and was eventually set free after the point has been made by the aggrieved parties, consistent with their religious faith and beliefs,” said Nograles in the statement published by the Mindanao Insider Daily, a local paper known to have ties with the Speaker.

In the statement, Nograles also scored Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod, the local party of Duterte as behind distribution of the Burlesk King handbills, which could be a prelude to the coming out of the damaging video allegedly of the congressman and his lover.

“On March 26, 2010, the start of the electoral campaign for local positions, ward leaders and operatives identified with Hugpong Sa Tawong Lungsod started distributing full-color handbills entitled “Burlesk King.” The expensive propaganda material showed a naked body of a man super-imposed with the face of the House Speaker, two unidentified policemen at background, and an inset photograph of Atty. Karlo B. Nograles, son of the House Speaker, printed on the lower portion of the handbill.  This, without doubt, is an example of a corrupted photo that can only be a handiwork of corrupt people with corrupt hands and minds,” said Nograles.

Nograles said that a “week before the start of the electoral campaign, Team Nograles was already alerted about the plan to distribute the derogatory and damaging handbill, with the information that at least 50,000 pieces have already been printed and readied for distribution.”

He said that a “forensic examination was conducted on the pieces of photographs. We have identified those (behind the) production (who) will be punished, jailed and made to pay for the great damage they have caused, and continue to cause, to individuals, families and institutions.”

Team Nograles, he said, is putting up a reward of P100,000.00 for anyone who could pinpoint to the printing press used to mass produce the criminal material. In the statement, the Speaker said the Burlesk King case has already been established as false and fabricated.

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