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Ed Malay writes to Durian Post


Letter to the Editor

(Durian Post had to admit it had made naughty commentaries on Mr. Eduardo Malay and his Issues and Advocacy Center or The Center in previous issues. Mr. Malay and The Center were behind a pre-poll survey that showed Speaker Prospero Nograles leading Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte in the mayoral race. As a matter of journalistic duty to inform the public, we admit that we had been sort of unkind to Mr. Malay and his outfit when we skewered the survey. But we have a duty to correct, or give the other side of the coin, what we feel is misinformation in the light of the fact that the Malay survey was widely played up by the Mindanao Daily Insider, which is now publicly known as the mouthpiece of Speaker Prospero Nograles. We stand by our actions, given that local surveys—which to the understanding of our provincial mind is more credible than those by pollsters that came down to our beloved city as hired hacks of certain politicians—gave Inday Sara a resounding victory. Nevertheless, Mr. Malay has sent a piece as a rejoinder to our articles and commentaries and news reports in the Durian Post and our blog durianburgdavao at https://durianburgdavao.wordpress.com. Without fear or favor, and in the spirit of fairness, we are printing Mr. Malay’s message. RogerB)


For Roger Balanza,

I will not comment on what you have written about me and or how you have libeled me and my outfit. I will leave the judgment part on the sensibilities of the people of Davao who I know can discern what they believe is true or bias given the current political fever especially in the local level.

You may not know it but I have friends in Davao who are respected in the fields they are engaged in and they have been urging me to file a libel case against you. But I simply told them it is not in my nature to respond to absurdities and I will not do it to a fellow journalist who is just trying to make a living out of what he believes in.



In fact, glossing over your previous posts and your community weekly, I could readily sense that if the Mindanao Insider Daily is leaning towards Speaker Nograles, the Durian Post at best would like to position itself as an impartial medium but which to my mind is biased in favor of Mayor Duterte.

While it is also true that I did help former MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, my engagement with Fernando was only for six months from July-December, 2008. I designed a program for him but which were not fully implemented as Fernando is fond of patronizing kibitzers.

In fact, I initiated the termination of our contract and to this day the account has not been fully paid. It was not on my account that Fernando did not get the nomination of the Lakas CMD. The members of the Lakas CMD themselves at which I am part of the National Directorate who rejected Fernando in the several meetings that the Lakas CMD National Directorate held.

What is surprising is that Fernando would give me a call up to now to ask me how his campaign is doing and would ask me for suggestions and this is now all for free.

On Willy Torres. You may not know it but Willy is an old friend and I felt slighted when I was informed that Willy allowed his radio announcers to criticize my survey results in their radio programs.

That is why I needed to respond and issue that press release. Yes I was with the UMBN in the mid-60s and I was not fired for lack of talent. You are even wrong to say that I was a Police Beat Reporter for UMBN because I was not and have never been. I was a Radio DJ for UMBN and I resigned when I moved to Manila to pursue my education.

In Manila I landed a job with ABS-CBN News and worked with the likes of Henry Halasan, Bong Lapira, Sol Jose Vanzi, Tony Seva and moved on to the print media when my News Director the veteran Manuel Benitez brought me along with him.

On FVR. I was hired by FVR in 1991 and has remained as his PR and Media Adviser up to now. I am also not connected to the DFA. The DFA spokesman is Ed Malaya.
As to The CENTER, its complete name is The Issues and Advocacy Center and not Issues and Transparency Center.

I don’t really expect that you would patronize our survey results given your biases but I will stand on our survey results and for those who understand how surveys are conducted they will know what I am talking about.

The methodology is what is important on surveys and each survey organization has their own methodology that is akin to their operations.

Yes you may have been one of the pillars of the media profession in Davao and I will not question that.

You may be basking in your own little world in Davao and I also will not question that. Each one of us is entitled to our share of dreams.

And I don’t expect you will extend to me the same respect that you have for Mayor Duterte and I can understand that.

But at the end of the day, our success is gauged from the fruits of both our labor and our character. And this is where you and I differ. I moved to doing public relations on account of my experience with some of the big Advertising Agencies that I joined when martial law was declared.

When Proclamation 1081 was declared lifting martial rule though the country remained under authoritarian rule, I moved back to the media profession as a business reporter and columnist for The Manila Evening Post and the Metro Manila Times until I left to put up my own business dealing in financial and management consultancy.

It was during this time when FVR hired me to join his presidential campaign. I did not join his Administration for the simple reason that I cannot live on the pay scale of the government and I went on to serve FVR as a private consultant during his term.

The difference is I am doing PR work which is now my profession and there’s nothing wrong with it. What is wrong is when we do PR work while working as a journalist then the principles of media independence and impartiality are compromised although I am sure a lot of journalists moonlighting as PR practitioners will definitely deny this.

You can write all you want about me Roger and I will leave you to your own judgments. The fact is you will still be living in your own little world and I will move on to bigger worlds regardless of who wins in this elections.

Besides, I have already made a decision that this would be the last elections I will get involved in. I believe I now need to enjoy the fruits of my labor and mind you Roger I did not get what I now have from the media profession which to me is piecemeal but from the financial consultancies that I am doing from the time I learned the ropes in business during my stint as a Business Reporter and Assistant Business Editor.

Thank you for your time.


The Issues and Advocacy Center

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  1. Ed Malay is a Facebook Faker masquerading as a professional public relations practitioner. He faked my Facebook Account three times and I caught him each time as he leaves his name in his trail in the URL of the Fake Facebook Account he creates using my profile photos and name and posting lewd photos and messages in various Facebook Groups.

    He is too old to understand how the internet works that he is ignorant of the traces he leaves with his dastardly acts.

    I do not think he deserves an iota of support for his writings which almost always are paid work.


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