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Nograles’ poll survey firm discredited

The Nogie center of ‘deceit’

Malay survey a ‘sick joke’

Who would you believe: surveys by local independent outfits who know the heart and soul of the Dabawenyos or that of a Manila-based public relations firm who could not possibly know where Barrio Patay is?

            Remember the controversial Ronald Zamora-commissioned survey by a well-known outfit that showed his presidential bet NP’s Manny Villar eating a sizable portion of LP’s Noynoy Aquino lead?

            If that Villar survey was “self-serving” then we have a local version of it in the survey by the Manila-based The Issues and Advocacy Center also known as THE CENTER of PR handler Ed Malay commissioned by Speaker Prospero Nograles that showed his lead in the mayoral race against Vice Mayor Sara Duterte. (See related story on this page}

            The Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod ruling local party said the Malay survey is a “sick joke foisted on the intelligence of Dabawenyos who overwhelmingly chose Sara Duterte in several surveys.”

            “The survey is as unbelievable as Nograles’ wild dream that he is going to be mayor in May,” said Hugpong which is headed by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

            A collation of local surveys here has Vice Mayor Duterte miserably thrashing Nograles with 70 percentiles, and Mayor Duterte clobbering opponent Benjamin de Guzman with the same fatal figure.  The CENTER’s survey is a shocker in reverse: Nograles, 45%, Vice Mayor Duterte, 44%; Mayor Duterte, 49%, De Guzman, 38%. Would you believe that?

            But let us look at the players in this cabal of deception.

            Who is Ed Malay? He is a media practitioner who went into public relations and made his name mainly by handling politicians. His widely-publicized credential includes a short stint as media handler of former President Fidel Ramos. He is known to have clients members of the House of Representatives especially Speaker Prospero Nograles.

            He is presently the spokesperson of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and was widely known as the miserable failure that helped former MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando’s bid to be the Lakas/Kampi presidential bet crash in utter disaster.

            Election being a season for lucrative business for PR firms Malay is back in Congress to handle his clients, including Nograles, writing press releases and conducting surveys embedded with bloated figures to give hope to losing candidates.

            While it is good for propaganda purposes, the surveys are nothing but scraps of paper that do not reflect sentiments on the ground. Especially if there are other surveys that show in unanimity the reverse.

            What Malay and his The Center did is merely to tickle the ego of Nograles, twist facts and stem the flood of public support for Vice Mayor Duterte.

            Will it help the Speaker? No.

            But it will help voters who have already thrown their support for the vice mayor to understand how some people could play dirty politics with bloated figures using public relations firms and dubious surveys with figures suited to their end to confuse the public.

            How many Nograleses throughout the country are playing into the hands of The Center and Malay for the funds of it?

            Mind you, some PR firms could delude people like Fernando into believing that they are going to be the next president of the country. Fernando has jumped ship to abandon Lakas/Kampi/CMD and is now running mate of presidential bet Dick Gordon. If Malay is still handling the pitiful former MMDA chair, then Fernando could be today in a state of orgasm over the prospect of being the vice president after May, according to Malay and his Center.

            Malay, Nograles and The Center? Don’t believe them. That survey result is as good as toilet paper when Dabawenyos go to the polls to vote solid for Inday Sara. RMB

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